From Analog to Massive X!

Synthesizer Masterclass

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Synthesizer Masterclass: From Analog to Massive X!

Your power workshop in learning and designing superior sounds with Massive X! Includes synthesizer history displayed with various exclusive audio and video examples. The concept is not limited to Massive X as you`ll learn the main aspects of synthesizers and sound design.

01/ Synthesis. Analog synthesizer components. 02/ Massive X: Introduction. 03/ Analog waveforms. Wavetables in Massive X. 04/ Analog filter. Overview of filters in Massive X. 05/Voicing. Routing. 06/ History: Important analog and digital synthesizers. 07/ Modulators: Envelopes. LFOs. 08/ Noise. 09/ Insert fx. Stereo fx. 10/ Phase modulation oscillator. 11/ Performers. Trackers. 12/ Analyzing and programming sounds: Drums, bass, pads, sequencer, leads, keyboards, fX. 13/ Oscillator sync. Sample & Hold. Ring Modulation. PWM. 14/ Using Massive X with NI Komplete Kontrol. 15/ The book "Ultimate Artists Synthesizer Secrets". 16/ Signature Soundpacks.

Date: February 26+27th, 2022. From 13.00 to 19.00. Location: Mercure Hotel Hannover City. Level: Beginner/Intermediate. Price: 198€.

We could supply a workstation with keyboard/computer and a Massive X demo version if necessary. Usually you`ll work with your own laptop and headphones.

Great. Synthesizer and synthesis workshop with easy explanations!


Very inspiring. Now i can create my own "sound"!

-Lena (Producer)

Highly recommended!


From Analog to Massive X!


Synthesizer & Sound Design

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