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The book: "Ultimate Artists Synthesizer Secrets"!

Oliver von Wieding (Jaciriot) introduces you to sound design secrets of some of the world`s best artists, keyboardists and sound designers.

The book covers sound design techniques reflecting the famous patches of Steve Porcaro (Toto), Jim Gilmour (Saga), Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai), Stuart Croxford Neale (Kajagoogoo), Kelly Rowland, Depeche Mode, Will.I.Am, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Keane, Martin Garrix.

Taken from the sound pack “Ultimate Artist Collection I” for Massive X, you will not only learn how to create these sounds. Oliver will also guide you through the development of setting the most crucial parameters in order to create a superb synthesizer playing experience in combination with controls and macro shapings.

The tutorials are great for those just getting started with sound design on the Massive X platform and for intermediate level users. Furthermore, the knowledge gained from understanding the design techniques on Massive X will enable you to apply similar techniques on different platforms and synthesizers. *It is highly recommended to own the sound pack, so you could open the corresponding patch within Massive X (or Komplete Kontrol if available) and follow easily.

Plus: Exclusive interviews with Steve Porcaro, Jim Gilmour, Stuart Croxford Neale and Matt Johnson!

Details: English language. 86 pages. 28.5*22cm. Printed on high-quality ecofriendly paper. Thread-stitching. Full colour print. Softcover (Premium glossy paper). Price: 39€ incl. VAT. Please note that shipping costs vary depending on country.

*The book includes a special e-voucher for a 50% discount on the sound pack "Ultimate Artist Collection I" (Not included in the digital edition).

New! Digital Edition. Details: English language. 86 pages. Signed PDF. Size: 74.2MB. Screen Resolution: 1920*1252px. Price: 17.90€ incl. VAT. Immediate product download and secure payment with FastSpring.

How to work with the book: You should have basic knowledge of the main principles of subtractive synthesis to understand the structure of the synthesizer. If you plan to start with Massive X, first get familiar with the synthesizer modules by playing some sounds and basically investigate these components. Furthermore, it is always a good idea to browse through the well-written user manual as it helps to understand many of the complex features Massive X provides. If you start working with the presets presented in the book chapters, please open the corresponding patch from the sound pack “Ultimate Artist Collection I” within Massive X (or Komplete Kontrol if available) so you could follow easily. Each artist preset features two Massive X screenshots. I decided to keep the explanations as short as possible. Moreover, you will find the values of many parameters described, giving you the option to program the core settings (amp/filter envelopes, filter type/frequency/resonance and more) on a different synthesizer. Please listen to the respective audio tracks on my MACH5IVE Soundcloud site, featuring all presets including various macro variations. For an exact sound reproduction also note the current MACRO knob positions displayed.

Thank you: FAZE Magazine, BEAT Magazine, GearNews, ProSynthNetwork, Sonicstate, BEAT Magazine, Bonedo, Steve Porcaro, Jim Gilmour, SynthGearCy, TheProducerBlog.

Superior combination of workbook and sound pack. Highly recommended!

-Mina (Artist & Songwriter)

Superb book. Interviews and first hand insights from the synth wizzards of our time!

-Oleg (ELEKTRO|sphere)

Unique synthesizer book which features the sound secrets of some of the world`s best artists.

-Josh (Mixing Engineer)

Great tutorials for any sound designer. Love the interviews!

- Sarah (Sound Designer & Performer)

Massive X


Steve Porcaro (Toto), Jim Gilmour (SAGA), Jamiroquai, Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga & ZEDD and more!

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86 Pages. 28.5*22cm. Full Coloured. English Language. Premium Softcover.