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Introducing the sound pack "J8 Vintage Polysynth" for Massive X!

The names Sequential, Oberheim and Roland stand for the best polysynths that have been produced. While the first two companies were able to achieve a perhaps somewhat "warmer" sound with the Prophet-5 and OB-8, the Jupiter-8 had more features in terms of sound design and can also produce very crystal-clear sounds. Oscillator sync, cross-modulation and a great LFO are also on-board. In addition, it was one of the first synths to allow keyboard split and sound layering. The Jupiter-8 has been used by many famous artists and bands.

I've seen Howard Jones, Kajagoogoo and Simple Minds and was impressed by the phenomenal synthesizer sounds that could be heard. Stuart Croxford Neale told me that he often used his Roland TR-808 to drive the Jupiter-8 to create special sequences or arpeggios. Howard Jones was also incredibly impressive live. These experiences and the music albums of all these artists were the inspiration for my sound pack "J8 Vintage Polysynth". It gives you analog-style sounds with all the benefits of state-of-the-art software synthesizers like Massive X. I also made extensive use of Massive X's wavetables, unique LFOs, trackers, voice randomization and studio quality effects to bring the sound spectrum up to date. Of course you can't compare the sounds 100%, hardware synthesizers still sound slightly different due to the components used. But it's about getting the best out of the modern digital world of synthesis, and when you go into detail you get very close to the analog models.

All sounds have been programmed with attention to detail. Class is more important than many sounds of which only a few are used in the end. The sound pack contains 50 premium presets, with additional sound variations available for some sounds. I also added the lead sounds of "What Is Love" (Howard Jones) and Michael Jackson's "Thriller" with variations. An overview of all presets can be found at the bottom of this page (PDF).

All presets are very variable with the macro controls, aftertouch, modulation wheel.

Visit my SoundCloud account to hear many sound examples. I created arpeggios and chords for a series of sounds with Ableton Live to show what is possible in terms of sound. No additional effects were used. What you hear is just Massive X. And now I wish you a lot of fun with "J8 Vintage Polysynth".

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Very inspiring and great sounding polysynth collection.

-Mark C. (Producer)

Superior vintage sounds for Massive X.

-Josh (RnB Artist)

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Roland Jupiter-8!

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