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Welcome to the "Ultimate Artist Collection I" for your favourite synthesizer Massive X!

When i worked on the first sounds about one year ago i didn`t intend to release it as a fine sound collection. Being a synthesizer fan, player and sound designer since the good old analog days i wanted to program some of my favourite artist sounds for self use.

The idea to create the "Ultimate Artist Collection I" evolved when giving synthesizer and producer workshops. Participants often watched synthesizer tutorials to re-create and understand the main aspects of one favourite sound. In most cases these tutorials where not as good as they should be and missed the crucial aspects of the sound to be programmed. In addition, the finetuning parameters and "sound secrets" were not explained. So i decided to make a fine collection for Massive X. I spend a lot of time on the details to make these artist sounds "playable" with a wide variety of options. For example velocity and key scaling, aftertouch. Decay options with multiple parameters including fine filter control by only one macro control knob. Use of the great fx within Massive X like nll, anima, quad and the superior studio reverbs!

The "Ultimate Artist Collection I" now is a selection of modern presets, handmade, made with synthesizer love.

Of course sometimes it`s not possible to create a perfect "copy" of the sounds on these records. Too many analog equipment has been used for further processing. Sometimes i created a "modern digital version" of a sound, using the new options like the versatile wavetable oscillators and fx within Massive X.

*Due to copyright aspects of the original recordings i didn`t show a comparison to the synthesizer sounds. Therefore please listen to the respective audio tracks on our soundcloud account.

All sounds provide fine sound shaping with macro controls! Get your favourite synthesizer sounds now!

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The sounds of my music legends! Now they`re here. Thank you!!

-Jess (Producer)

This sound collection is a dream come true!

-Peter (Keyboard player)

The magic is in the details. Fine selection of historic synthesizer sounds!

-Sara (Songwriter)

The sounds of my life! Great analog style presets.

-Oleg (ELEKTRO|sphere)

Massive X


Steve Porcaro (Toto), Jim Gilmour (SAGA), Jamiroquai, Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga & ZEDD and more!

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