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The sound pack "Analog Shapes Drums" provides a versatile collection of great drum sounds for Massive X!

Electronic top producers often make heavy use of synthesized drum sounds instead of samples. The reasons are obvious - more detailed control regarding the most important sound parameters like attack, decay, sustain, release, filter intensity and more. In comparison to "static" samples these options allow you to control every single nuance of a drum sound when working on your arrangement and finally when mixing.

Your drum sound will be more organic and it feels like a real drummer played your drums. This is real important especially in electronic music where most producers use "fixed timing grids" instead of recording the drums without quantisation. Moreover, it is essential to have further control of velocity and timing aspects to create this human drum feeling. When working on arrangements and mixes, I often automate up to five parameters for a single drum sound which leads to great-sounding results. Just try it on your tracks.

Make use of the macro controls which are offering fine sound shaping and in addition tuning of many drum sounds. Get "Analog Shapes Drums" now!

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Synthetic drums for Massive X! Very inspiring and great sounding library.

-George (Producer)

Very fine selection of handmade synthesized drum sounds. Detailed sound shaping possibilities!

-Ana (Songwriter)

Love the analog "vintage" sounds of the classic drum machines. Five stars!

-Sean (Producer)

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